"This presentation course is amazing. I followed a lot of your advice and just got a referral to a potential client after a recent talk I gave. And that was from a random person who wasn't even interested in my topic . . . but they remembered me and my slides! THANK YOU!"

-Immigration Attorney

Take your Legal presentations from dull to dynamic

Legal Presentation Fundamentals is the toolkit for lawyers ready to stop giving dry lectures and start standing out as go-to legal advisors in their fields.


Who taught you to make an awesome Legal presentation?

(No one.)

In law school and legal practice, you're rewarded for proving your case in detail and focusing on legal concepts first. But take that same approach in a presentation or training, and you'll be just another dime-a-dozen talking head. A commodity.

The truth is: clients don't need more information. They need someone who can tell them what it all means.

Be that person and earn their trust—and you'll become indispensable.


A clear, structured blueprint for stellar presentations every time.

  • Stand out from the pack and become a sought-after expert in your space

  • Get access to 1:1 feedback and support to make your upcoming presentations a success

  • Build engaging presentations fast with guidance tailored just for Legal

"Val's coaching is exceptional. She gave me practical, tailored advice that helped me establish a quick, meaningful connection with my audience. One audience member reached out to tell me, unprompted, that she still thinks about my presentation and how helpful it was. I was blown away!"

-General Counsel & Trainer

Everything you need for ridiculously effective Legal presentations

Engage any audience

  • Communicate dry, complex, abstract topics in a captivating way in any setting

  • Learn the framework for compelling, professional, and ethical Legal storytelling

  • Deliver engaging trainings and workshops that clients will rave about

Create incredible visuals fast

  • Go beyond the janky, outdated bullet-point format (including your firm's sad PPT template)

  • Generate beautiful visual aids using ready-to-customize sample slides—no design skills needed

  • Upgrade your personal brand and rise above the rest with a polished, premium aesthetic

Stand out in a crowded field

  • Communicate your unique value as a trustworthy advisor and Legal partner

  • Craft the right messages to break through bias, inertia, and resistance

  • Position yourself as a reliable, trusted advisor regardless of role or experience level

Command every room

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that make most Legal presentations lackluster and forgettable

  • Master the essentials of powerful delivery for both live and virtual presentations

  • Establish credibility, influence, and authority in a natural, authentic way 

"Before our coaching, I was stressed about how to fill my 60-minute panel presentation. But now I have a sense of calm and confidence and a vision of success. You taught me how to focus and apply an effective structure, not just serve a cascade of information. Thank you!"

-Managing Attorney, Health Law Practice

Here's what you'll get in

Legal Presentation Fundamentals

Plus BONUS access to 1:1 support

  • BONUS 1: 30-minute presentation audit with Val ($262 value)

  • BONUS 2: 30% discount on additional 1:1 presentation-coaching calls ($157 savings on each)

And lifetime access to new trainings, templates, exclusive resources, and advanced techniques

"My most successful presentations have been the ones where I apply Val's advice. She's helped me learn how to always tell a story, whether I'm on a panel or doing a workshop—and this makes my presentations so much more fun to give!"

-Senior Associate, AM 200 Law Firm

Meet Your Trainer

Hi, I'm Val, regulatory lawyer turned presentation coach. I help other lawyers make great presentations to stand out in their fields and elevate their personal brands.

Over the last 15+ years, I've also been a lawyer in BigLaw, in government, and in-house; an adjunct law professor, and a Legal English trainer.

When I was starting out as a young lawyer and introvert with major stage fright, speaking up was always my biggest challenge. But through years of study and practice, I turned public speaking and training into one of the cornerstones of my practice —and learned to love it.

Lawyers are expected to make frequent, high-quality presentations. But most of us never get the training we need to communicate powerfully beyond the courtroom and in everyday business settings.

That's why I created Legal Presentation Fundamentals: to consolidate all my best research and practical tactics into a simple system for getting seen and heard as the trusted advisor you are.

Here's the #1 thing I've learned through this journey: Being a successful speaker isn't about doling out tons of information or having a certain personality style, pedigree, or experience level—rather, it's all about how well you know your audience and design a customized experience that meets their needs. That's what will make you an advisor of choice in your field.

The tools and strategies in Legal Presentation Fundamentals will help you transform your presentation skills and showcase the expertise you've worked so hard to cultivate.

Who is this training for?

  • Busy legal professionals who need a streamlined, easy-to-implement blueprint for creating engaging presentations fast

  • Individuals who want to stop blending into the masses and start differentiating themselves as go-to legal advisors

  • Ambitious lawyers who know their presentation skills could use a boost but aren't sure where to start

What types of speaking will this training help with?

  • Conference presentations

  • ​Presentations to company executives

  • ​Webinars and continuing legal education

  • ​Client trainings, workshops, and briefings

  • Personal branding and business development

  • ​And more!

This training isn't for you if...

  • Your aren't willing to try a new approach that will make you stand out from your peers and competition

  • You're happy with the standard, predictable Legal presentation framework and the results they've generated for you

"Val provided invaluable support as I prepared to deliver a talk at a major conference. Her thoughtful, kind approach sets her apart! She brought out the best in my talk, helping me to feel confident, enjoy my time onstage, and grow as a speaker. Wholeheartedly recommended for any lawyer looking to amplify their voice and share their expertise."

-Law Firm Director

Frequently Asked Questions

I barely have time to get my actual work done! Does LPF make sense for me?

Yes. Unlike most trainings, this one is made to be used (not endured). This is not a course that you need to sit through and complete.

Instead, you'll get bite-sized, tactical materials that you can apply to specific areas of your presentation journey right away.

Simply apply this toolkit to planning or improving your next talk—then continue coming back to it any time you want to refine a particular skill or need to prepare for an especially challenging presentation.

Plus, whenever you're planning a presentation, you can schedule a presentation audit (included in the program) and access discounted 1:1 coaching calls, where you'll get personalized feedback to make your talk a great success.

How is this different from trainings I can get from my firm?

LPF is not a generic public-speaking training. It's designed specifically for the legal field, targeting the most common mistakes that undermine even the most seasoned lawyers' authority and influence.

We cover legal-specific topics like:

  • How legal disclaimers can often erode credibility—and how to deliver them the right way

  • How to avoid the typical visual pitfalls of standard Legal presentations

  • How to work with a mediocre corporate presentation template

  • How to use storytelling to communicate complex legal topics

  • How to overcome common biases against working with Legal

  • And more!

Is your firm already offering this kind of support? If so, fantastic!

If not, here's your chance.

Can I get reimbursed by

employer for this?

Professional-development resources like LPF are often covered by your firm or organization's training budget. Please reach out if you need support with this.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. LPF comes with a seven-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with the training, then contact us within seven days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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